PowerKee’s Bastion of Privacy #27 — Nigeria implements arbitrary Twitter restriction in response to ban — PowerKee Wallet Beta Testers Application

“Winkelvoss: You’ve got to shut down the internet to shut down Bitcoin. That’s a tall task.

Tim Dillon: “Well they (governments) will do that.”

Tim Dillon Podcast #255

The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) has suspended the use of social media behemoth, Twitter. The decision was quickly followed with outrage from Nigerians and several international stakeholders, including governments of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and civil rights organizations among others who immediately criticized this development. This spurred the FGN into giving various explanations for why it took this stance.

In the latest Bastion of Privacy, we highlight the recent…

PowerKee’s Bastion of Privacy #25 — An organization connected to several airlines has been the subject of a major hack

Air India becomes the latest victim in a growing list of organizations that have been the subject of cybersecurity attacks. Critical customer information from the airline has been exposed. The company recently revealed that the personal data of over 4.5 million customers has been compromised. Data breaches like this are becoming a regular occurrence. While announcing the incident, Air India advised customers to take precautions such as changing their passwords to prevent further damage.

In the latest Bastion of Privacy, we detail the Air India Data Breach and highlight why it might be bigger than initially expected. We also consider…

PowerKee’s Bastion of Privacy #24 — How WhatsApp users alleviated a new privacy policy

After pushback from users, Whatsapp postponed the implementation of a new privacy policy from February 8th to May 15th. The date has now passed and Whatsapp introduced their new policy with a tweet stating that they won’t read your personal messages and they won’t delete your account.


However, they will be able to share data with other Facebook controlled companies which caused the initial backlash. In response to the backlash, the initial threat of deleting non-compliant accounts has been withdrawn.

The pushback from users has certainly been fruitful. It initially postponed the introduction of the new policy and afterwards…

PowerKee’s Bastion of Privacy #23 — Bitcoin’s first mining pool with censorship practices

North American companies Marathon Patent Group and DMG Blockchain have launched a mining pool, Blockseer, that will only append Bitcoin blocks that include transactions which comply with rules set by the U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). The OFAC compliance rules are focused on the administration of financial sanctions set by the United States government.

Blockseer recently mined its first OFAC compliant Bitcoin block. The initiative is an extremely contentious matter.

In the latest Bastion of Privacy, we detail the imperatives of OFAC and the move…

PowerKee’s Bastion of Privacy #22 — Political frameworks are failing to protect data and why cryptocurrency users should be concerned

A proposed data privacy bill for the state of Florida has collapsed without making it through parliament. The bill which was targeted at empowering users to have a say on how their data is collected and deployed was dismantled by lobbyists that comprised 343 businesses in the state. This is not the first time such a proposal has failed to be implemented in Florida. We recently detailed how a similar bill was rejected in 2020.

These businesses believe that passing such a bill would cost them a lot of money. The business owners argued that such a bill could lead…

PowerKee Wallet finalized with launch date approaching

The PowerKee Wallet is approaching release. The designs have been finalized and the PowerKee team is currently implementing the design-related changes into the code and testing.

PowerKee is a privacy-focused blockchain network that allows users to easily maintain their anonymity while transacting across a decentralized payments infrastructure. PowerKee intends to set the standard for privacy-focused blockchain solutions.

Part of setting this standard is offering an extremely intuitive UI/UX. Each interface in the PowerKee Wallet has been carefully crafted to make the user experience extremely intuitive. The below screenshots showcase the layout of the PowerKee Wallet. …

PowerKee’s Bastion of Privacy #21

Whatsapp has come under fresh scrutiny with the detection of new privacy vulnerabilities. In response, India’s cybersecurity agency CERT-In has cautioned users by warning that such vulnerabilities could lead to a breach of sensitive information.

According to the advisory issued by CERT-In, the threat only affects older versions of the application. These include versions for Android before v2.21.4.18 and versions for iOS before v2.21.32.

In the latest Bastion of privacy, we detail WhatsApp’s murky relationship with data privacy. We also highlight how PowerKee is one of the few options for those wishing to secure and anonymize their financial transactions.


PowerKee’s Bastion of Privacy #20 — How major corporations are playing battleships with their data privacy rules

A key imperative of PowerKee is ensuring that users can transact on a thoroughly secure and private network. At the same time, we want PowerKee users to have an interface that allows them to easily and confidently operate their wallets.

We have carefully designed the PowerKee wallet UI and UX to accomplish just that. However, after updating some design-related changes, the code related to such changes needs to be retested to ensure that security isn’t compromised.

Testing is currently being carried out on the live PowerKee network. …

PowerKee’s Bastion of Privacy #19 — Covering the latest breach from social media behemoth Facebook

The data of over 500 million Facebook users was recently exposed in a hacker forum. The data leaked included phone numbers, full names, locations, email addresses, and biographical information. Such a data breach can easily extend to other areas like access to email accounts and banking.

This development joins the growing list of unwanted data theft and exposure that is becoming rampant across cyber networks. For instance, last week, we covered an alleged hack against Indian payment processor MobiKwik.

In the latest Bastion of Privacy, we consider the data storage practices of online service providers and how hacking such data…

PowerKee’s Bastion of Privacy #18

The struggles around data protection recently received another blow as Indian payment processor and wallet provider MobiKwik was allegedly hacked. Although the company has denied this allegation, more evidence of the hack is being brought to light through multiple reports.

Customer data in the wrong hands is dangerous. Hackers can sell stolen data on the dark web where multiple buyers can access them for nefarious reasons.

In the latest Bastion of Privacy, we highlight the details of the MobiKwik hack. We consider the importance of robust data security measures and how netizens can better secure their data and finances.



PowerKee is a decentralized cryptocurrency network that prioritizes privacy secured by proof-of-stake. Your Privacy. Your Rights. Your Assets.

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