PowerKee Private Sale Refund Amid Harsh Regulatory Conditions

PowerKee will coordinate a full refund for private sale participants after regulatory conditions have intensified for privacy coins

The PowerKee project has been undergoing development for the past ten months and the team has succeeded in developing a sublime network and wallet solution for the privacy-focused KEE currency. However, harsh regulatory conditions have made it unfeasible for privacy coins to list on a centralized exchange and the PowerKee team has made the strategic decision to refund all private sale participants in light of this.

Despite the private sale funds being contributed towards the development of PowerKee, the PowerKee team remains committed to serving their stakeholders and users in the best possible manner. Given that the native KEE token cannot be listed on a reputable and liquid exchange, all private sale investors will be eligible for a full refund of their investment.

Regulations worldwide have continued to intensify against privacy-focused cryptocurrency networks. This has made it unfeasible for a reputable and long lasting exchange listing to take place for KEE tokens. If an exchange listing were coordinated, it would only be possible with an exchange of questionable liquidity.

With this in mind, the PowerKee team is willing to refund early-stage private sale investors. Private sale participants can fill out the linked Google Form with their details to receive a refund.

Please fill out the form only if you contributed directly to the project or through VYSYN Ventures. If you invested via a pool or another VC, the Pool/VC owner receives the funds back and has to re-distribute these funds to you.



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