PowerKee Successfully Secures Seed Round Fundraising

The privacy assurances of mainstream cryptocurrencies have been dwindling. As banks, payment processors, and financial intermediaries implement services for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the users of such services give up their anonymity.

The PowerKee network is launching to make it easy for cryptocurrency users to protect their privacy and reclaim control of their assets. The pressing need for such technology is evident from a successful seed round which was quickly filled.

PowerKee raised $125,000 from the sale of 5 million tokens in their seed round. The funding round was led by VYSYN Ventures, Vendetta Capital, Fairum Ventures, Brilliance Ventures, Seikatsu Ventures, DCG Korea and SpykeFast Capital. All contributors to the seed round showed their commitment to the long-term success of the PowerKee protocol.

PowerKee does not just facilitate cheap and almost instant transactions. The network is designed to provide thorough privacy to its users which will stand up in the face of rigorous tests.

The privacy of cryptocurrency users has become the subject of intense scrutiny in recent years. Firms like Chainalysis have recently emerged and are dedicated to uncovering identities through their analysis of blockchain transactions.

Those who participated in the seed round of PowerKee understand that privacy protocols will demand greater attention in the coming wave of cryptocurrency adoption. PowerKee seed round participants have agreed to a lock-up schedule where tokens vest gradually.

Only 5% of the total supply of KEE tokens were allocated to the seed round. 12.5 million KEE tokens will be allocated to the upcoming private sale. Full details regarding the PowerKee private sale will be announced shortly.