Apple & Data Privacy — Wallet Update

PowerKee’s Bastion of Privacy #20 — How major corporations are playing battleships with their data privacy rules

A key imperative of PowerKee is ensuring that users can transact on a thoroughly secure and private network. At the same time, we want PowerKee users to have an interface that allows them to easily and confidently operate their wallets.

We have carefully designed the PowerKee wallet UI and UX to accomplish just that. However, after updating some design-related changes, the code related to such changes needs to be retested to ensure that security isn’t compromised.

Testing is currently being carried out on the live PowerKee network. PowerKee has advanced beyond the test phase and we are committed to ensuring that the network remains bug-free and entirely secure.

Such testing will take roughly 30–40 hours and has slightly delayed the release of the wallet. PowerKee users can be assured that PowerKee will never release wallet software without the code being subject to rigorous tests.

Following the PowerKee wallet update, this week’s newsletter details recent developments from Apple that increase the attractiveness of using a privacy-focused blockchain like PowerKee. The tech giant is about to enforce a new privacy notification rule. This is a rule that would require an app developer to ask permission from users before their activities can be tracked across the apps and websites of other companies.

Apple claims that this development is targeted at protecting iOS users from unpermitted intrusion and exploitation from unauthorized companies. However, some big corporations are wary of this move. They claim that the primary purpose of this anticipated new rule by Apple is to systematically ward off competition, rather than protecting its users.

We highlight the details of Apple’s upcoming privacy rules and the anticipated effect on user privacy. We will also consider the strength of this development compared to more innovative blockchain-based networks that are emerging around the tech industry.

Facebook Criticizes Apple’s New Privacy Rules

Apple announced the modification of their privacy rules in June 2020 but delayed the implementation to allow time for digital advertisers to adjust. However, in a recent announcement, the tech giant has said that the new rules will become mandatory in the coming weeks when its iOS 14.5 operating system becomes available.

In December 2020, Facebook released a publication that criticized this new rule by Apple. According to the leading social media platform, the new process will require users’ permission for apps seeking to gather data. Such apps may face a lot of rejection, a situation that Facebook believes will be detrimental, especially for small businesses.

The social media platform also launched a public relations campaign that involves small business owners sharing their opinions and criticizing the move by Apple. The majority of the critics detailed how the new rule would adversely affect their businesses.

In the face of possible limitations, Facebook also published a support protocol for users who might be affected by the imminent change. The publication advised users on the actions that they can take to prepare for the coming change. It also made clarifications on the limitations that they would face when creating ads.

Is It All About User Protection?

The cross-fire among the big tech corporations over user privacy and the supposed promise of data protection continues. However, there are opinions that most of their efforts are for selfish reasons, rather than serving the public interest. The companies may not be changing how they collect users’ data. The only difference may be that they restrict other platforms from accessing and using such data.

The issue of data privacy and the exploitation of users has lingered for many years. The commercial value of handling such data is so significant for these corporations that getting them to relinquish control is almost impossible. For instance, Facebook is projected to earn over $94 billion from ads in 2021. While the company claims to be speaking up for smaller businesses, its primary aim could be to protect its major source of revenue.


Real Data Protection Possible Only When Users Take Full Control

Although Apple Inc. claims to be working towards protecting user data, having to trust them for personal cybersecurity leaves users at the mercy of a third party. Moreover, large corporations have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted with our data. Look no further than the previous releases covering MobiKwik and Facebook for examples of this.

Privacy-focused blockchain networks offer an enticing alternative. They allow users to segregate their financial transactions from their personal data while heavily encrypting capital movements. PowerKee is a blockchain that is underpinned by cutting edge privacy technologies. Such solutions are quickly becoming an important alternative as tech giants continue to play battleships with their data rules.

About PowerKee

PowerKee is a cryptocurrency network that makes privacy easy. Users can transact cheaply and instantly while maintaining anonymity. The PowerKee protocol uses a mixture of zero-knowledge proofs and coin mixing to provide strong privacy assurances to its users.



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